What is love? Can it be summed up or even articulated accurately? As humans we tend to box love in with conditions. Love is so much more than a four letter word; it’s a Spirit. Love being a Spirit it can’t be destroyed; it can only be transferred. We must transfer it to each other, because it was given to us by our father so freely. God’s love started before man was created, so we can’t describe the sum total of what it is. We can live a life of love from the relationship we have with God. In today’s society we are so hung up on brands and labels; that we forget that we are already tailored with love. God’s love is a spiritual suit that is tailor-made for each of our lives. We must make a conscious decision to put it on daily. Love is more than an image, it’s more than an action, it’s a call. In the Message Bible, Colossians, the third chapter talks about being dressed with love, compassion and humility. Love moves with or without understanding; it’s more than reciprocity; it’s more than inclusion; it’s more than what we are naturally taught. Love is the beginning of life; it’s a powerful change agent; and it’s life to a dead situation. Love is timeless, tailored and treasured!